hot blood of a polar bear

Simply cannot find a fall coat I like. Guess I’ll just freeze.

2am in Harajuku on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

My sister threw a party for her visiting Norwegian friends tonight. Laughed so hard. Finally everyone realized how funny I am, geez. My sister’s bffl and her bffl’s bf were my ride to and from the fête since they live just south of me. Turns out they were also driving their friend.

I had only heard of him in stories before, but he’s seriously cute and though my sister had praised him and added that he’s too old for me, I definitely got the vibe that we had both been spoken highly of to one another. He’s so dryly witty and semi-awkward but in a totally confident way. I’m sorta into him.

Him drunk in the back seat with me, us all laughing at nonsense. Really chill, made me feel like a cool real grown up.

Felt like a big grown up gal night, good timing since my birthday’s in a couple days.

Oh, and he literally lives a block away from me. Sigh

I leave for Europe in one month! Made so many lovely latte hearts, despite being utterly unimpressed with my boss today.  Homecoming was a sober one for me, but was still exhausting; we hosted breakfast and everyone besides me was trashed by 1pm. Hilarious day.  Watched Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run special afterwork today; I didn’t realize I was as big of a Jay Z fan as I apparently am.  I knew the words to basically all of his songs.

I must read a few more chapters before bed or my book club might upset with me for slacking.