hot blood of a polar bear

Why don’t I have friends that are awake at 3 in the morning?


If this is growing up, I don’t want to.

My “fur and gold” party was good enough, but the real highlight of the night was going out with my good friend and his boyfriend. We went to three bars and ended up at the gay club in town. I had such a great time with them; and they both drunkenly confessed their deep admirations for me.  I wanted to cry, they made me so happy.  I don’t even know his boyfriend that well (I was there the night they met, and urged my friend to get his number, however. So you’re welcome, guys) but I’ve been spending more and more time with them lately, so to hear that he genuinely likes me and feels like he can finally connect with one of his bf’s friends made me hug him hugely.  

They made my month.

I don’t ever think what I want could be considered love, 
but it is what I want anyway.

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Having a shindig tomorrow, but I’m secretly crossing my fingers that some people from work don’t show up. I just don’t want to deal with bullshit; really annoyed and unimpressed with them at the moment.

Also, Netflix is ruling my life.

Had some brilliant alone time at the mall yesterday. Spent too much. Don’t regret it yet.